Dropshipping is a hot new e-commerce business trend that can be an extremely profitable business model.

Dropshipping means that you (as the store owner) don’t carry any physical inventory. When a customer places an order on your site, a third-party ships the product(s) directly to your customer.


  1. Lower Start-Up Costs: Since you don’t have to carry inventory you can get started with less up-front costs
  2. Easier to Test Products: You can get an idea of what your customers like/don’t like without getting stuck with products that don’t sell.
  3. Easier to Scale: You don’t have to worry about backorders and waiting on new inventory. As long as the third party has product, you can scale with more traffic.
  4. You Aren’t Stuck to Your Location: Since you aren’t the one shipping the goods, you don’t have to worry about traveling or working somewhere else.


  1. Product Quality: Unless you make sure to get a sample of everything you plan on selling (NOTE: You should ALWAYS get a sample of a product first) you may not always get the best quality products.
  2. No Control Over Delivery: Since you aren’t the one shipping, the part is out of your control. Delays can happen a lot with third party shippers and there’s not much you can do.
  3. Added Costs: A dropshipper may have extra fees when shipping more than one item. You have to make sure you fully understand all costs involved.
  4. Low Margins: Since there is a middleman your margins will be lower.
  5. Packaging and Delivery: Maybe I’m a stickler (or ummm.. perfectionist) but I would want to know what the packaging looked like once the customer receives your product. Trust me – customers will make a judgement on your company based on how a product arrives. Depending on where it’s shipping from, sometimes, the products have have a funky smell or the packing is a very generic oversized poly bag with no identifiable info. Keep the customer experience in mind

With all that said… If you are interested in giving dropshipping a try, here’s a great video on getting started.

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SOURCE: YouTube Dan Vas